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Kehen Temple

Kehen Temple is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest, its enshrines three gods : Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva which is believed to have been built even before construction of the town and now lies at the outskirts of the city. The town itself is dominated by the royal houses spread around its main square. Kehen Temple is the royal ancestral temple of Bangli Kingdom, one of the eight most important royal houses on Bali. Literally meaning the temple of the hearth or the household, this refers to Hyang Api or the God of Fire, symbol of [...]

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Jagatnatha Temple

Jagatnatha Temple is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest built in 1953 and is dedicated to the supreme god, Sanghyang Widi Wasa, the supreme of divine gatherings. The name Jagatnatha derives its origin from the Sanskrit word jagat meaning world. Two festivals based on lunar cycles are celebrated here every month. During the days of full moon and new moon, visiting this temple during these times can be a memorable experience. No matter what time you visit this magnificent temple you will always find devotees in prayer. The magnificent shrine shaped in the form of Padmasana [...]

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Buddha Temple in Bali

Buddha Temple is one of the most popular Bali Places of Interest and was built in 1970 by locals financing of Indonesian and also aids of Thailand government, and its consecrated in 1972. It has been damaged by earthquake in 1976. The new Stupa has been repaired and is decorated with splendidly colorful confection. The temple complex enjoys a wonderful hillside setting such as brilliant orange tile roof stand over an entrance gate guarded by fine two Naga, with bell tower in the corner of middle courtyard. Every steps up to the temple has Buddha wisdom also around the [...]

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