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Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, around 3 km from the famous Nusa Dua area and Uluwatu Temple. In the past, this beach was hidden behind hill so it was called Secret Beach. Secret Beach actually had known well by some tourists. However, the difficult access to this location made this beach was empty. The visitors of this beach were only a few foreign surfers or domestic tourists. Fortunately, the local government of Badung Regency realized the potential of this beach and quickly managed this beach then launched it as a new mainstay [...]

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Dreamland Beach

Another memorizing beach in Bali, besides Kuta beach is Dreamland beach Bali. It is located at Pecatu area. Dreamland Beach is a beautiful beach with white sand stretch 100 meters and leaned on a steep of white stone cliff overlooking to the amazing view of Indian Ocean. It is not as crowded as Kuta beach, so that visitor will feel more comfortable to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach. This beach is very attractive for tourist including the surfers offering the elegant, tranquility and spectacular sunset view that create the romantic nuance that make it as one of the [...]

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Tanjung Benoa Beach

The two tourist destinations, which are located in South of Bali, are Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa. Both of them offer different attraction, although located at the same direction of Bali. Nusa Dua are well-known as the centre of high end segment hotels in Bali, where several luxurious and others tourism facilities. Meanwhile, Tanjung Benoa is famous as Tanjung Benoa beach its water sport activities, such as parasailing, banana boat, jet sky, flying fish, snorkeling, scuba, diving, glass bottom boat and more. It is located on the southern part of Bali, on the seashore of Indian Ocean. Tanjung Benoa [...]

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